If you purchased one of our wood carving products you have access to 1000+ carving patterns contained in the ebooks below (and more). Follow the instructions on the right sidebar.

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BL ebook cover.jpg Wild Animals ecover_08-07-2018.jpg Sea Life ecover_08-07-2018.jpg Roses ecover_08-07-2018.jpg ebook cover butterflies small.jpg
BL2 ebook cover.jpg Birds Part 2 ecover_08-07-2018.jpg farm ebook cover.jpg

We Are Constantly
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Did You Pay Too Much?

If you purchased our 12 piece tool set on Ebay, you probably paid too much.

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This set of tools is available on Amazon for about $25. Some dealers on Ebay are charging much more because they are buying them on Amazon and then marking them up substantially before listing on Ebay.